Principal's Welcome Message

I became the academic leader and chief executive officer of the school on 1st September 2003. This remains, a privilege for me, seeing St. Peter’s not only grow in size and population but becoming one of the leading schools in the Gambia as our vision statement challenges us to be. All that, plus a very green environment, a great farm, disciplined and intelligent students and a hardworking staff always at the beck and call of an appreciative student body make it a special school. No wonder we are at the top of the popularity stakes.

Why Join Our School

Simply because we are the leading school in the Gambia and our students are academic leaders. They pride themselves in being high academic achievers and the most disciplined in the country.

In St. Peter’s our students apart from the core subjects have an opportunity to study Science, Art and Technical Subjects and since they are already high achievers they excel in these areas. They always make the school and their families proud. We always celebrate the results of their external exams.